Algosaira Integrated Fish Farming Incubator

 Algosaira incubator for integrated aquaculture entrepreneurship is located in the Gazira State – 25 km south of the city of Wadmadani on the Sennar - Wadmedani Road and the incubator was selected in 2016. The program was launched in January 2017.

 Algosaira incubator was selected as an incubator for the program because of the existence of infrastructure and technical cadres that contribute to the creation of opportunities for young people with the spread of culture of fish farming and increase production in the fish sector.

A total of 50 young men and women are accepted each year throughout the program. Graduates are trained in three value chains in the field of fish farming:

The breeding chain of tilapia fish.                                           

Production chain feeds fish.                      

Tilapia Breeding series.

Vegetable Production Series

Fish farming production chains:

The first installment was accepted by the incubator in late December 2017, with a total of 50 young men and women 50/50.

Agripreneurs completed training in entrepreneurship in June 2018.

Incubator technical training is being conducted in production chains integrated fish farming. 

Tilapia fish were raised by the agripreneurs and the mothers of tilapia were equipped with the purpose of spawning them, in addition to preparing the land for reconstruction by planting vegetables in order to take advantage of high sewage water.Fertilizers.

• Many field visits have been carried out for models (farms, hatcheries, markets, feeds manufacturing factories).

The agripreneurs were trained in bank finance, project action plans and various aquaculture experiments with them by the state's fish farmers.

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