Al-Qadarif on Thursday, September 19, 2019

A hard week for agripreneurs in the animal production incubator and the coordinators of the Enable Youth Program. Mr. Abdullah in a tireless work alongside the agripreneurs in every detail of the week inside and outside the incubator does not leave a stray and is not incoming unless it was accomplished in the time was the best support for the pioneers of agriculture.

The engineer Khaled, a man who works with dedication and dedication with the management of the program in good coordination, has yielded to complete the milestones of the next phase well, which has given hope and seriousness to the agripreneurs.

The visit of the National Coordinator of the Enable Youth Program for Agripreneurship Dr. Saleh Khairallah yesterday had the effect of magic among agripreneurs through which he explained all the secrets and features of the previous and subsequent phase, especially that the program coincided with the political events that the country went through and how it played a role in blocking the program's activity many times and how to overcome those obstacles. Dr. Saleh also talked about the next phase and what it requires from the concerted efforts of all components of the program in order to meet the challenges with all the questions did not hide Khairallah that there are many negatives that have occurred and deducted from the program plan but drew how to benefit from them in the coming days. Khairallah also talked about the beginning of the experimental production (technical training) and its importance and how to benefit from it scientifically before its prophet as it is a transit gate for the larger objectives and the goal of the program for each agripreneur.

One of the humanities that Khairallah promised was the arrival of calves in the incubator on Thursday, 19 September 2019. The calves have arrived as promised by the national coordinator and in good condition and excellent weights and this is one of the advantages of the next stage which is reassuring to the agripreneurs and their tongue says thank you Dr. Saleh. Finally, the agripreneurs' comments were a promise of his next visit to be on the ground and an unprecedented success in waiting.

Also the concentrated fodder arrived from The Café Company and was put in the store to be ready for the start of the phase. The agripreneurs were a good presence when the calves and fodder arrived at the incubator and supervised the safe entry into the barn and completed the milestones of the beginning.

Only follow-up and supervision by the agripreneurs to make the program a success starting on Sunday, September 22nd, on which Mr. Abdullah, the coordinator of the incubator, spoke on the need to be careful to attend because the next stage is a stage of production and training and does not bear the shortcomings of the agripreneurs. Wishing them a successful period.

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