ENABLE Youth Sudan Program is one of the flagship programs under the African Development Program AfDB’s new Feed Africa Strategy for Agricultural Transformation (2016-2025) and Jobs for Youth Strategy (2016-2025) and AfDB’s Strategy for Gender to promote Gender Equality (2014-2019).

Overall Program objective is:

To create business opportunities and decent employment for young women and men along priority agricultural value chains in Sudan.

Specific Objectives are: 

To contribute to job creation, food security and nutrition, income generation and improved livelihoods for youth in both urban and rural areas.

Program Coverage area:

In its first phase, the program operates in 5 states Khartoum, Gezira, the River Nile, Gedarif and Kassala.

Program Target Group:

The program targets young in urban and rural area and the age group (18-35) years and at a university level (minimum 3 years’ diploma).

Graduates Selection Methods:

They will be selected in transparent and fair manners and in accordance with specific professional criteria. The selection process will be conducted by an independent selection firm to be selected on a competitive base. The announcement will be published through different media. 

Training in the Incubators:

The program will be implemented through nine (9) incubators located in five states which have been already identified by Sudan Government and AfDB’s. It is expected to train and empower 2,000 Agricultural Entrepreneurs (Agripreneurs) in Youth Agri-Business Incubation Centers (YABICs) for a maximum of one year. Each Agripreneur who completed the training period should submit a Business Proposal to be funded through the program funding mechanism. Each of these Agripreneurs is expected to employ 5 other support workers, generating 12,000 jobs (including 6,000 for young women) in total over the first 5 years of the program (2017-2021).

 Program Technical support: 

The International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) provides the technical support to the Program through IITA office in Sudan to achieve the program objectives. The areas of technical support initially focus on:

  • Preparations of incubators
  • Assistance in youth selection process
  • Promotion, networking and knowledge management
  • Design, formulation & implementation of training program for youth coordinators, incubators employees and development of services
  • Develop and manage partnerships focusing on private sector.M&E of the outputs, results and impact of the program, as well as follow-up of young entrepreneurs.

Program Finance:

The program total budget is estimated at USD 32.7 million, USD 28.9 million grants from the AfDB’s (90.1%), around USD 3.2 million as counterpart of Sudan Government (9.9%).

The program will establish partnerships with financial institutions to provide fund for agripreneurs after being trained. The financial institutions should establish syndications with total amount of USD 60 million. 

Risk Sharing and Finance Mechanism (RSFM):

The FIs should make funding available for agricultural entrepreneurs’ projects. The finance of agripreneurs should be based on the Risk Sharing and Finance Mechanism (RSFM) portfolios to the internationally permitted limit. A mechanism funded by the AfDB will be established in order to reduce the risk of funding.



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