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ENABLE Youth Sudan is one of Government of Sudan initiatives to address youth unemployment funded by the African Development Bank. ENABLE Youth aligns with the Government of Sudan strategic focus anchored on the Sudan Vision 2030 which aims to transform agriculture and create jobs for the youth. The program’s target is to train and empower 2,000 Agricultural Entrepreneurs (Agripreneurs) in 9 Youth Agri-Business Incubation Centers (YABICs) located in five states in the country i.e. Khartoum, Gezira, Gadarif Kassala and River Nile. Each of these Agripreneurs is expected to establish a viable business and employ five other workers, there by generating 12,000 jobs (including 6,000 for young women) in total over the first 5 years of the program.

  1. Create business opportunities and decent employment for young women and men along priority agricultural value chain.
  2. Food security and nutrition.
  3. Income generation and improved livelihood for youth in rural and urban areas.


  1. Applicant must be Sudanese men/women
  2. Resident in Sudan or having the desire to return and stay in Sudan
  3. Youth whose Minimum age is 18 years and Maximum 35 years
  4. Has a minimum academic qualification 3-year diploma in any field from any recognized education institution
  5. She/he currently has no job and will not be hired during the incubation period
  6. She/he should be free and there are no reasons that affect his / her participation during the incubation period 
  1. Successful applicants with an approved business plan will receive a loan from the respective local financial institution according to the agreed upon credit policy to start up their business along the agricultural value chain of their choice;
  2. The program will pay Stipend for Youth agripreneurs to cover transport, meal and refreshments during the incubation period.
  3. The program will also provide successful Agripreneurs with a grantee to secure financial support for business establishment through the risk sharing and financial mechanism (RSFM).
  4. Participants will have access to be mentorship support by an established entrepreneur.

Download the application link: http://enableyouth.sd/images/Documents/AppForm.pdf; fill the information required, and submit hard copy with the required documents at the following addresses:

Khartoum – Gazira – Kassala – Gadarif – River Nile

From ENABLE Youth Sudan Program website follow the link: http://enableyouth.sd/images/Documents/AppForm.pdf 

Or from the ENABLE Youth Sudan Program Offices in 5 states


Last day to submit the application will be announced for each call for applications  

  1. Copy of identity document (national number / national card / passport).
  2. Academic Certificate/s 
  3. Birth certificate 
  4. Certificate of practicing in business, if any
  5. Any training certificate of Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, technical training in agriculture is an asset

Yes, you can contact the 5 state focal points/persons directly and they will provide any required support

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