African Development Bank Vice President visits Al-Rahma Incubator in Al Jazeera State
As part of her visit to some of the African Development Bank's projects in Sudan, Dr. Jennifer Blanke visited Al-Rahma Incubator in Al Jazira state on Friday, March 6, 2020, accompanied by a team from the African Development Bank and the Sudan Office, as a model for the incubators of the Enable Youth Program in Sudan, funded by from the African Development Bank plus a local component. It is worth mentioning that the Al-Rahma Incubator belongs to the Zakat Chamber in Al Jazeera state and the agreement concluded by the Enable Youth Program last year with the Zakat Chamber enabled agritrepreneurs to exploit the incubator in the experimental production of three valuable chains, protected agriculture, poultry production and fattening calves.
The visitors were greeted by Mr. Abdelkader Tirkawi, First Undersecretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Dr. Saleh Khairallah, National Coordinator of Enable Youth Program, Director of Zakat Chamber in Al Jazeera state, and Dr. Madani Abu Niran, liaison officer of the Enable Youth Program in Al Jazeera State and his assistant and incubator officers as well as agripreneurs.
During the visit, Dr. Jennifer and her team inspected the work of agricultural entrepreneurs in the field of poultry production, vegetable farming in green houses and fattening calves, where she discussed with the agripreneurs about their activities as agripreneurs and how they understand their path towards achieving their own goals to reach the establishment of their own businesses, especially the challenges related to the market in the current economic reality.
Dr. Jennifer said at the end of her visit to the incubator “Think this really good example of what we trying to do through Enable Youth Program which takes recent graduates and ensure that they are well prepared to start agribusinesses and we think that here they are working in everything like horticulture, beef production and chicken, my hope is specially they will be linked up with finance which is something we are working on as well as market that they can start their own businesses”.

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