Selait incubator continues to overcome obstacles and program management follows and supports

Selait / Mohammed Hassan Khalifa

A delegation from the Enable Youth Program visited the Selait incubator last Tuesday, represented by the state liaison officer Professor Mona Bashir and the director of the Incubator Soba Eng. Mohammed Sharif, interim director of the incubator, and continued the visits on Wednesday with the visit of A. Omar Ali, Administration Manager of the program and Dr. Suaad Abdullah, a gender and development specialist, and was received by supervisors and incubator leaders.

Visits to the Selait incubator included follow-up of the work in the past period where the agripreneurs presented their latest achievements in the incubator, where the Selait incubator witnessed the completion of 90% of the work on the lounge of cucumbers, and is being arranged to enter the pepper lounge in the coming days in addition to working on the presentation of the study to the tomato lounge.

During the field tour in the incubator, the officials of the program praised the positive interaction with the great cooperation between the agripreneurs in the facing  all obstacles and challenges, in addition to what has been achieved and what is being worked on, and expressed their readiness to provide the necessary technical support to continue the work.

Continuous field visits showed the program's management's keenness to support pioneers and incubators, promote successes and preserve the gains made.

The Enable Youth Program is a development program within the framework of the African Development Bank's food security strategies, as well as creating jobs and contributing to the establishment of youth businesses.

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