Khartoum on February 13, 2020 - Ahmed Ahimer:


Youth of the Enable Youth Program (University of Khartoum Incubator) achieve unprecedented achievement in fattening calves


The agripreneurs of the Enable Youth Program for the Agripreneurship funded by the African Development Bank in partnership with the Sudanese Ministry of Agriculture achieved an unprecedented achievement by enabling them to achieve a daily increase rate of more than one and a half kilos and reached in some calves for a daily increase of two kilos per day.

This experiment was carried out in the number of 140 fattening calves that were named at the incubator headquarters at the Faculty of Animal Production of the University of Khartoum with champagne and achieved an increase of 30 kilos as the average of each calf in 18 days by a daily increase of more than one and a half kilos by means of concentrated feed and feed installed in the incubator and provided to calves with a specific methodology delivered The pioneers of this unprecedented achievement and achieved this success in proportion to the availability of several factors, including the appropriate environment in the college incubator and the availability of barns designed in scientific ways and the presence of a factory for the manufacture and installation of feed and tank molasses and the proximity of the college incubator to the areas of sale of feed and concentrated and the presence of direct supervision of the director Incubator Dr. Al-Samani professor at the Faculty of Animal Production and the 15 pioneers of the incubator were selected for this program according to certain criteria in which no specific specialty is required, so you find them graduate engineering, pharmacy, economics, languages, history, agricultural and animal production, veterinary and all specialties except What brought them together is the youth empowerment program, which provided them with an appropriate environment of theoretical training in the field of entrepreneurship, economics and public administration and facing the risks they will face in the labor market after the end of their theoretical and practical training period, and during the training period provide a prose for each student and they have a profit percentage of each A training course to apply the knowledge they took by specialists in the field of fattening to be financed by any major of them with a financing ceiling of up to $30,000 and a guarantee provided by the program and financed by Sudanese banks by establishing individual and collective projects for pioneers to help achieve financial stability for young people Sudanese open edifying job opportunities for them and changing the concepts of job and market entry and each pilot must employ 5 graduates with him in his project, which will be funded after the end of the training period.

By introducing the Youth Empowerment Program, a five-year programme is held in Sudan by the African Development Bank and in partnership with the Sudanese Ministry of Agriculture, the Sudanese Ministry of Finance and other partners, and the program aims to train and finance large numbers of Sudanese youth to get them out of the department of inertia. For the production department and the program works in several axes, namely the fattening of calves, the production of meatpoules, the cultivation of vegetables in protected houses, fish production, seed production and seeds in both corn, wheat and other fields in five states, namely Khartoum, Al-Jazaar, Kassala, White Nile and Ali This program will be circulated in the rest of Sudan in the coming period to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

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